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I am using some jquery to fade images in and out on hover.

What happens when the mouse goes over the element the image fades to another image and a tooltip appears directly above the image, the problem is when the mouse leaves the image onto the tooltip the image fades out again. As the tooltip relates to the image I don't want it to fade out until the cursor has left the image or the tooltip.

The code is a little convoluted to show so I created a fiddle of the situation.

So basically I want the image to not fadeback to the original until the mouse has left the image or the associated tooltip.

Thanks for any help!

Example here

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You can't use pure CSS for this. You have to use JavaScript onmouseover event to register a hover event, and onmouseout to unregister it, or simply ignore it, based on whether you need to maintain the hover effect or not.

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Yeh I had a feeling css wouldn't do it. I couldn't get any js to work though, hence the fiddle ;) – Nik Jan 15 '12 at 13:58

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