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I want to show an error (in phpBB it's trigger_error) right after the user clicks submit.

I already have a function which checks if a link has been posted. Now I want to call it after the submit post button has been clicked.

Where do I find that? Probably in posting.php?

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Open posting.php.

find around line 631

    if ($submit || $preview || $refresh)

after add

  $post_data['your_url'] = "http://www.damienkeitel.com/index.php"; //remove the equals and url value if using in real post
  $your_url = $post_data['your_url'];
  $your_url_exists = (isset($your_url)) ? true : false;
  $your_url = preg_replace(array('#&\#46;#','#&\#58;#','/\[(.*?)\]/'), array('.',':',''), $your_url);

  if ($your_url_exists && http_file_exists($your_url) == true)
    trigger_error('yeah, its reachable');
  else if ($your_url_exists && http_file_exists($your_url) == false)
    trigger_error('what da hell..');

open functions_posting

find around line 19

* Fill smiley templates (or just the variables) with smilies, either in a window or inline

after add

function http_file_exists($url) 
  $f = @fopen($url,"r"); 
  return true; 
return false; 
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Seems to be working the way I want,except that it always shows that the URL exists! :O –  wadie Jan 17 '12 at 21:12
I have this working on my board. If I put www.78t8tjigsdfioua.com is returns the trigger_error('What da hell..'); –  Damien Keitel Jan 18 '12 at 3:13
ohh I see what's happening. it only checks if the domain exists. so if I already have google.com it shows that exists and if I have google.com/something it also shows that it exists. how to make it check the full URL ? including what comes after the domain. Also,how do I let it continue submitting if the URL wasn't found ? –  wadie Jan 18 '12 at 13:29
There are alot of of code changes to posting.php, includes/functions_posting.php, languages/en/common.php, styles/your_theme_name/posting_editor.html and viewtopic_body.html. It is working on damienkeitel.com. Drop by my forum and we can discuss further. –  Damien Keitel Jan 18 '12 at 14:32

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