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I have a slideshow built using the jbgallery script that I am trying to incorporate into a page on my site. The images in the slideshow have a width and height of 100%. I have a navigation bar at the bottom of the page with a height of 90 pixels.

My code is:

<style type="text/css">

body{ height:100%;
   margin: 0;}


<div class="fullscreenslideshow">
<iframe src="slideshow.html" style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%">Your browser doesn't support iFrames.</iframe>


While this looked to have the desired effect it is producing a scroll bar on the page (as the 90 pixel padding is stretching the page beyond the 100% height it has been set to).

Basically, how to I adjust the css to ensure I get the slideshow in the page with a 90 pixel space beneath it, and without cropping the image (by setting the height to 90% for example on the fullscreenslideshow div css) or producing an overflow?

Been playing around with this for hours now and think I have hit the wall hence the request for help! Out of interest, when I adjusted the padding-bottom to margin-bottom there was no effect on the page.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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Why don't you just add a negative margin to the bottom of the container that needs to shrink, so there's no need for javascript?

margin-top: -90px;

edit: I got something

First, add this to your div.fullscreenslideshow

margin-top: -90px

Now, go the page slideshow.html and add this:

margin-top: 90px


  • div.jbg-loading
  • .jbgallery .jbg-wrap
  • .jbgs-wrapper (you will have to add this one to the css yourself, it doesn't exist yet

I got it to work on my computer (compared it to the other link, and it shows exactly the same).

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+1 works great! tested IE7,IE8, O, Moz, Chrome, Safari : jsbin.com/ufayah/edit#javascript,html,live. Than just a bit of JS/jQ to resize on win-resize (with animation) the inner container and ... voilá! –  Roko C. Buljan Jan 15 '12 at 15:55
it does work, however it is cropping the top of the images by this 90px margin. I am trying to incorporate the entire image (which slideshow.html displays as 100% width and 100% height) without any such cropping, hence the desperate attempt to get help here! I think given this, the jquery option is probably the best methodology if only I could get it working....thanks for your help though. JD –  JD2011 Jan 15 '12 at 16:00
I feel like keeping this stuff in css is the proper way to work. There has to be a way to do this with css. There's no chance you have a link? –  Sander Declerck Jan 15 '12 at 16:12
completely agreed and going insane trying to get this working!! I have uploaded the jquery version to www.biid.co/layout.html and the jsbin version above to www.biid.co/layout1.html. like I mentioned earlier, I am trying to achieve something similar to taylorhowes.com/#/home without using flash. Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks again, JD –  JD2011 Jan 15 '12 at 16:20
I've got it to work (but didn't check cross-browser, tough it should work on other browser to). See edit... –  Sander Declerck Jan 15 '12 at 17:00

If you can use JQuery you can use this code:

$("div.fullscreenslideshow").css(height: (parseInt($(window).height()) - 90));

run this after load your page complete. And have good time.

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with margin or css you haven't this height fix. –  ali youhannaei Jan 15 '12 at 14:44
that $(function(){}); is your document.ready. –  ali youhannaei Jan 15 '12 at 14:55
Ok have added: <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $("div.fullscreenslideshow").css('height', (parseInt($(window).height()) - 90); }); </script> but still getting a syntax error!? Thanks again for your help. JD –  JD2011 Jan 15 '12 at 14:57
if you try like that site, Its full flash, but you can set your website body min-height and min-width and try this with percent or pixel, but the best way is that you set width and height after load page and then assign them, create function to re size your elements. –  ali youhannaei Jan 15 '12 at 15:02
I'm so sorry replace this part $("div.fullscreenslideshow").css(height: (parseInt($(window).height()) - 90)); :D –  ali youhannaei Jan 15 '12 at 15:08

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