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my icon was blur when show on the itunes Store but fine in iphone's locally appstore,my large icon format is:

pixel:512X512 format:png dpi:72

can anybody point to me what is the reason of icon getting blur in itunes store since i have followed all the spec required by apple alr

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try updating the project info and upload the 512 icon again. you might've uploaded the wrong file. Shouldn't the 512 image be a jpeg or tiff? – lostInTransit May 20 '09 at 11:10
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Your 512x512 icon should be a jpeg though I can't imagine it being uploaded as iTunes Connect rejects other formats.

Resubmitting is an option.

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I found this same problem today. Reading the specs closer I realized they ask for at least a 24 bit .png file. I had uploaded a 8 bit .png file to iTunes Connect. I'm resubmitting today to test but I think this was my problem.

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