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In Swing is there any way to have two colors for single option? I mean, if I have a option, say Show only cities [Alt+C] in JComboBox, I want Show only cities text in one color and [Alt+C](hotkey) in another color. Similarly, I have JList, Which contains a list of string items. I want to differentiate one from other by color.

In short,

  1. How to design two colored JComboBox option.
  2. How to differentiate JList objects with color.


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YES , use html,

See this for more information ,

How to Use HTML in Swing Components

For your jcomboBox,

jComboBox.addItem("<html><font color=green>Show only cities <font color=red>[Alt+C]</font></html>");

will work :) cheers

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+1 for the tutorial link. – camickr Jan 15 '12 at 16:13

Yes, I believe that this can be done with HTML or failing that, by using a cell renderer for your combo box that allows for this such as a JEditorPane.

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Read the tutorial. You where given the link in the other answer. The secion on how to use lists has more infomration about renderers. – camickr Jan 15 '12 at 16:16

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