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I want to use CSS sprites on a web site instead of separate image files, for a large collection of small icons that are all the same size. How can I concatenate (tile) them into one big image using ImageMagick?

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Not ImageMagick, but here are instructions on how to do this in Python using the Python Image Library: 29a.ch/2009/5/14/concatenating-images-using-python –  Ashley Davis Jun 17 '12 at 22:51

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From the page you linked, 'montage' is the tool you want. It'll take a bunch of images and concatenate/tile them into a single output. Here's an example image I've made before using the tool: alt text

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convert works much better than montage. It arranges images vertically or horizontally and keeps png transparency.

convert *.png -append sprites.png (append vertically)
convert *.png +append sprites.png (append horizontally)
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Well I didn't test, but it seems that -background None will allow transparent background (see imagemagick.org/Usage/montage/#bg ) –  AkiRoss Feb 9 '13 at 11:32

You are looking for:

montage -background transparent -geometry +4+4 *.png sprite.gif
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+1 for a ready-to-use command –  m01 Nov 20 '13 at 17:18

I like this script for automatical sprite/css generation. "Building CSS sprites with Bash & Imagemagick"

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link is dead ... –  jedierikb Mar 14 at 0:28
@jedierikb here is cached version goo.gl/SxcXQH –  russenreaktor Mar 14 at 21:58

Use the 'montage' tool: here are some instructions

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