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Why does my keyboard interactivity code function properly in IE and Chrome, but not FireFox? The full code is at http://sgdk2.enigmadream.com/ben/Html5Sample.html. Feel free to download and edit the file locally to test corrections (please do in the interest of skipping over wrong answers to the right answer :) ). It's entirely self-contained 100% in the one HTML file.

For your convenience, here, I believe, is all the code involved:

var keyboardState;
keyboardState = new Object();
keyboardState.key= { None:0, Enter:13, Shift:16,
/* etc... */};

keyboardState.keyState = new Array();
keyboardState.handleKeyDown = function(e) {
   e = e || window.event;
   keyboardState.keyState[e.keyCode] = true;

keyboardState.handleKeyUp = function(e) {
   e = e || window.event;
   keyboardState.keyState[e.keyCode] = false;

keyboardState.isKeyPressed = function(key) { return keyboardState.keyState[key]; };


<body class="unselectable" unselectable="on"

It seems that handleKeyDown is not even firing, if I'm debugging this right. This must be pretty close to correct because it works fine in IE and Chrome.

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prototype/javascript - firefox not firing keypress/keydown event unless focus is in textbox

Try binding events on document instead of body. Also: try not to use 'onevent' attributes, but create event listeners inside script block.

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I'm using the attributes because I thought I saw some site suggesting it for cross-browser compatibility. But now I can't find it. Nevertheless I have implemented your suggestion by removing the onevent attributes and adding code like "document.onkeydown = keyboardState.handleKeyDown;" and things seem to be working in all browsers. Thank you. –  BlueMonkMN Jan 15 '12 at 17:32
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