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I have a .ml file, I would like to generate its .cmo, .cmx, .cmi and .mli by as least commands as possible, could anyone help?

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I don't think there's any way to generate all these files at once.

.mli :   ocamlc -i     x.ml > x.mli
.cmi :   ocamlc        x.mli
.cmo :   ocamlc -c     x.ml
.cmx :   ocamlopt -c   x.ml

If you can do without the .mli file, you can generate the .cmi and .cmo files together with ocamlc -c. Otherwise I think you'll have to generate files one at a time.

Note that there is a .o file for every .cmx file; they work as a pair.

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You can use a Makefile to do all this for you. I have an example project template here that might help: https://github.com/snim2/ocaml-template

Say make byte, make native or make docs to generate the sort of output you're looking for.

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