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I am making a quiz game with content in a xml files. I used java language

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
    <Topic id="1" name="About Sun" time="900">
            name="1. The radiations emitted by the sun and responsible for the cause of skin cancer are...">
            <answer correctness="true">ultra-violet</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">infra-red</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">X-rays</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">micro waves</answer>
            <advice>One of two first</advice>
        <question name="2. The source of energy of the sun is...">
            <answer correctness="false">nuclear fission</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">chemical reaction</answer>
            <answer correctness="true">nuclear fusion</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">photoelectric effect</answer>
            <advice>no prompt</advice>
    <Topic id="2" name="Natural Resources" time="600">
        <question name="1. What are some examples of Non-Renewable Resources?">
            <answer correctness="true">Coal</answer>
            <answer correctness="true">Oil</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">Biomass</answer>
            <advice>no prompt</advice>
        <question name="2. What are some alternative sources of energy?">
            <answer correctness="true">Wind</answer>
            <answer correctness="true">Hydro</answer>
            <answer correctness="false">Natural gas</answer>
            <answer correctness="true">Fusion</answer>
            <advice>Select correct variants</advice>

Can anybody help me how to parse this xml file using kxmls or ksoaps ? Sorry if this is a bad question. I need a example code please.

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What have you tried? – DagR Jan 15 '12 at 19:01
1 use google. Took me 3 seconds :) – dan Jan 15 '12 at 19:04

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The wiki for the ksoap2-android project has a number of links that explain it all to you. If you have detailed questions ask another question here or on the project mailing list.

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