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I would like log user actions in winforms applications. The "user actions" mean "click to menu item/button", "move/maximize/minimize/close form", "keydown/up", etc...

The log should contains time, action type (click/keydown/etc...), target (name/text of control).

I have access to source code of target application, but I would like to not override methods like "OnClick" or "OnKeyDown" in every winforms control I'm using, if it is not necessary.

Is there some elegant solution, how to do it?


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You could use attributes but I wonder if the benefits will outweigh the cost?

See this link for an example of creating an attribute that can be set on each method

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I'm not sure, how can be microbenchmarking used exactly for my purpose. Don't you mean something like AOP ( The PostSharp for example)? – TcKs May 20 '09 at 11:30

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