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i'm using pycharm on a windows machine, and i'm running the tutorial found here:

It keeps on telling me to use "control alt r" as some sort of command. I don't know what i did, but this does sweet diddly for me on windows. I think because i'm using eclipse shortcuts?

Anyway, anyone have any idea what the menu item is for this thing? So using the gui i can find it? Or even what it is called?


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Ctrl+Alt+R is a hotkey for Tools | Run task menu item.

It seems to be unmapped in Eclipse keymap. Open IDE Settings | Keymap section, search there for '' and map the action to a hotkey.

Hope it helps, -Eugene

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oh nice. When i get home i'll give this a whirl ! – bharal Jan 17 '12 at 20:43
Thanks. Changed it to ctrl alt shift r – TKoL Jun 15 '14 at 7:11

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