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I want to make an App Engine connected Android app, and I'm beginning with google's tutorial available here :

I did exactly as they did (registered into C2DM service, installed plugins, signed on in eclipse with my google acc, etc...), but when I launch the sample app (with "Debug as" > "Local App Engine connected Android Application") and I click on the button "say hello", I get the message "Failure: Connection to refused.

I deployed Server side package on GAE, removed file, and ran it on my phone, it worked. But no way to make it work in test environment ....

I have eclipse 3.7 Indigo, App Engine plugin 1.6.1, and GWT 2.4.0, on Ubuntu 10.04.

Any idea ? Thanks for help.

edit : just installed eclipse and plugins in a Windows XP VM... worked on the first try ... But still not in my Ubuntu :(

edit 2 : freshly installed ubuntu 11.10 in an other VM. Same error as in my 10.04

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I finally managed to make it work using the answer I received here. I've add this line in getDebugUrl in util class

s = "url=";

with being my Ubuntu VM IP address

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