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I want to grab five images from five separate directories and have those images merged together into one image with PHP. I am basically trying to upgrade old code that I had but have been unsuccessful in figuring out why imagecopymerge won't work with the randomization method that I have. Here is my old code:

// Load all background images from specified path...
$images_ary = array();
$handle = @opendir('./images');
while( $file = @readdir($handle) )
    if( $file <> '.' && $file <> '..' )
        $tmpary = explode('.', $file);
        $extension = strtolower($tmpary[count($tmpary)-1]);
        if( in_array($extension, array('gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png')) )
            $images_ary[] = $file;

if( count($images_ary) <= 0 )
    die("Sorry, no images found!");

// Randomly select an image...
$random = time() % count($images_ary);
$image_info = array(
    'image'    => $images_ary[$random]

$image_text_ary = array();
$image_text_ary[] = array(
        'x'     => 8,
        'y'     => 6,
        'color' => array(50, 100, 180),
        'font'  => 9,
        'text'  => ""

$random = time() % count($image_text_ary);
$image_text = $image_text_ary[$random];


It successfully grabs a random image from a directory and displays it with a small border. Is it possible to use this code to grab multiple images, add borders, place them in certain coordinates, and display the final result as one single image? When the script is run again the image will randomly grab things again.

Thank you!

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What errors are you getting? –  j08691 Jan 15 '12 at 19:42
When I use imagecopymerge I would get errors related to imagecopymerge stating wrong variables. I assumed $image_info was the image in a variable. Perhaps it's better to redo the code? –  user1150764 Jan 16 '12 at 3:50

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