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I'm developing a mobile application for WP7 based on an existing Silverlight desktop application. I want to perform a test comparison between both applications concerning the user interaction and experience. I known that exists several software testing methods. But none of them fit in what I really want to test, which is having the right metrics to perform the comparison. Right now I believe that Usability Testing is the closest from what I want that is:

  • Compare the way of performing similar actions
  • Compare the degree of similarity
  • The adaptability capacity of using the mobile app against the desktop application

Sorry for the weird question :P And thank you in advance...

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I agree that usability is the closest thing you have to get some metrics but these metrics should probably be done by humans; I do not think you will be able to automate this at all. –  c_maker Jan 17 '12 at 0:49

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The tests you describe are all very subjective.
I don't see any approach other than testing manually.

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