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I am using a UITextView in Interface Builder and have typed a hunk of text into it and there are lots of lines breaks in it, blank lines. I did this by typing into it and alt-returning to get a new line.

However when built and run on my device none of these line breaks are seen. Any tips? Anyone heard of this?


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Try to Write in Attribute Inspector.. It wil work fine.. –  Myaaoonn Jan 16 '12 at 5:48
Do you use \n for newline? Because I cannot replicate the problem that you describe. –  Dimme Jan 16 '12 at 5:52

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This works for me:

In the header file:

IBOutlet UITextView * textview;

In the implementation file:

textview.text = @"First line\nSecond line\n\nThere is a blank line above\n\tTabbed line";

Don't forget to link the UITextView with the element in the Interface Builder.

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Write the text into a text file. And use a line of code to load the file's content into your UITextView. Much easier if you have a lot of text to input.

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