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I'm trying to start an installed app with dalvikvm in terminal. It doesn't work if I try to do this just so:

dalvikvm -cp /system/app/Calculator.apk

Then comes failure message : dalvikvm cannot find a main class

So I tried to run an "am start" in dalvikvm:

dalvikvm -cp system/framework/am.jar 

It really works. But if I trying then to start an app:

dalvikvm -cp system/framework/am.jar start -n

it doesn't work.

Can somebody help me please?

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A couple of points:

  1. You cannot run an android application from the terminal. In your first command, it would execute a static void main(String[]) method in the Calculator class, if there were one. It's not possible to "execute" an application in this manner.

  2. Using am is the correct way to start a specific activity from the terminal. You can simply use the provided "am" script (/system/bin/am). Or at least look at that script to see how to correctly invoke am.

For example, am start -n should do what you want

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Thanks. But I want to start from dalvikvm an app. And I think that could be possible. If I do dalvikvm -cp system/framework/am.jar and I become the same messages as when i give in terminal just am -help . So I want just to start am from dalvikvm and the to give am as command to start my app. I know that your way i simpler but I need It becouse I want to modify dalvikvm and start my dalvikvm as app over existing dalvikvm – Aprel Jan 16 '12 at 8:30
You are probably going to want to look at zygote, and how android applications are started at a lower level. I don't believe simply executing the am command from your modified version of dalvik will do what you want. If I were guessing, you would probably need to start your android app as per usual, via the normal dalvik, and then use the exec syscall to load and execute your new dalvikvm instance, passing in the various handles etc. that an android application needs, similarly to the way the zygote process works. – JesusFreke Jan 16 '12 at 23:15
Also note that this is most likely a very bad idea. All android processes share some common memory, that you won't be able to take advantage of. For example, all the framework classes are loaded once, and every dalvik process has a view into that same piece of shared memory. Your new dalvik vm instance will likely need to load all these framework classes itself, thus causing excessive memory usage for your app. – JesusFreke Jan 16 '12 at 23:23
I know that is not such a good idea, but i will be very happy, if I could to run am and then for example a Calculator with dalvikvm. but if i try to dalvikvm -cp /system/framework/am.jar start -n it doesnt work. What do I wrong? My idea is at first to run my modified dalvikvm as an app with this commando. – Aprel Jan 17 '12 at 11:16
When you use am to start an application, all that happens is that it sends an intent to the android system, which then starts the application like usual - it's the same as if you had clicked the application's icon in the launcher. The application does not run in the same process where you invoked am. – JesusFreke Jan 17 '12 at 18:46

You can run dalvikvm headless with vogar. You'll have to build it from SVN; the prebuilt jar is out of date!

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Hmm...why would I need something like that. i have an mobile phone and can use a terminal. – Aprel Jan 18 '12 at 15:46

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