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What is the a way for the modal controller to talk to the presenting controller.

In my case i m presenting modalviewcontroller without using delegate. But want to dismiss modalviewcontroller using delegate protocol.

SO can i dismiss modalviewcontroller using delegate protocol where i m presenting modalviewcontroller without using delegate.

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The modal controller can dismiss itself. Within the modal view controller, use [self dismissModalViewController animated:YES] (or NO if you don't want to animate it). If you include that line of code in the modal controller, then you should be okay!


The parent view controller is responsible for dismissing the modal view controller it presented using the presentModalViewController:animated: method. If you call this method on the modal view controller itself, however, the modal view controller automatically forwards the message to its parent view controller.

via iOS Documentation

You can also access the parent view controller through [self.parentViewController ...]

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