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I have fallen in love with visual studio's code snippets toolkit. Is there anything similar on Xcode?

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Check out any external tool for saving and managing snippets like Snippets. It's coolest Mac app for managing snippets I've seen before.

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UPDATE: snippetsapp.com is moving to snippets.me –  Vladimir Prudnikov Sep 13 '12 at 10:09

You can also take a loot at this question which is about similar issues with XCode 3 (code templates, code completion, and more).

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Check out this brilliant tip on how you can use code snippets in XCode 4 and also auto complete it. works like magic

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Of course there are. They are under "Edit -> Insert Text Macro".

Or you can simply start typing 'if<ctrl+.>' and this will be expanded into the full if statemenet.

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Xcode 4 has support for code snippets.

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