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I am trying to instance a view model from my catalog

when I use Container.GetExportedValue and then initialise the properties all instances have their properties set to the value of the final value of 'p'. but when I use a standard initialiser they are fine.

so in my example FormViewModel's Name property in the MEF instancing example has these values


but in the normal instance example has these values


It is behaving like there is some shared reference between all instances coming from the MEF container.

      var worker = new BackgroundWorker();
        worker.DoWork += (o, ea) =>
                             _forms = new ObservableCollection<FormViewModel>(
                                     .Select(p =>
 // This way of instancing does strange stuff 
                                                 var fvm = Container.GetExportedValue<FormViewModel>();

// This is fine but of course I'm not getting the importing constructor called
                                                 var fvm = new FormViewModel();

                                                 fvm.Workspace = this;
                                                 fvm.FormId = p.FormId;
                                                 fvm.Label = p.Label;
                                                 fvm.Name = p.Name;
                                                 fvm.Disclaimer = p.Disclaimer;
                                                 fvm.CertificationText = p.CertificationText;
                                                 fvm.Schemes = FormViewModelExtensions.InitialiseSchemes(p);
                                                 return fvm;

here are the view model's constructors

    public FormViewModel()
        : base(null, true)


    public FormViewModel(
        IDialogManager dialogs,
        IEventAggregator events)
        : base(null, true)
        _events = events;

        _dialogs = dialogs;

and I have an export attribute on the class definition

 [Export(typeof(FormViewModel)), PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.NonShared)]
public class FormViewModel 

I hope there is enough info here for someone to help

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I found my error

I wasn't using the right syntax in my AddExportedValue (the one I commented out here was the wrong way)

(container, batch) =>
    // batch.AddExportedValue(new FormViewModel());
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