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I'm trying to setup an automatic event countdown. What I want to do is use MySQL to fill the countdown with the next upcoming event.

If the event is in the future, the code will show 'upcoming event - countdown' and if the event is currently taking place then show 'event happening'.

I have a table structure like this:

CREATE TABLE jos_eventlist_events (
    catsid INT UNSIGNED,
    dates DATE,
    times TIME,
    enddates DATE,
    endtimes TIME,
    published TINYINT(1),
    title VARCHAR(255)
) Engine=InnoDB;

INSERT INTO jos_eventlist_events
(1, 6, '2012-01-15', '21:00', '2012-01-15', '22:00', 1, 'Partying'),
(2, 6, '2012-01-15', '23:00', '2012-01-16', '01:00', 1, 'More partying')

So essentially, the query should do something akin to this: If there are no events currently taking place, retrieve the next upcoming event. If there is an event taking place then display it.

The following query is a stepping stone as to what I'm trying to achieve.

SELECT catsid,id,dates,times,endtimes,published,title 
  FROM jos_eventlist_events 
  WHERE catsid = 6 AND published = 1 
    AND dates && times >= CURDATE() && CURTIME() 
    AND dates && endtimes <= CURDATE() && CURTIME()

Keep in mind that my server is 5 hours behind my local time.

I know I'm missing something really silly with this, but any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Proper sample code (here, SQL statements) is more useful than any ad hoc schema and sample data format. Please use CREATE TABLE and INSERT ... VALUES for samples. Desired results don't need to be presented as sample code, as results are the output of code and not code themselves. –  outis Jan 16 '12 at 1:02
If you use the same timezone for every date and time (table columns, connection timezone), your local timezone is immaterial. All time data should be processed using GMT, UTC or the server timezone and converted to a user's timezone only when sent to the user. –  outis Jan 16 '12 at 1:19

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try (I did not test it):

SELECT catsid,id,dates,times,endtimes,published,title 
  FROM jos_eventlist_events 
  WHERE catsid = 6 AND published = 1
    AND (CONCAT(dates, ' ', times)>= NOW()  
         OR (     CONCAT(dates, ' ', times) < NOW() 
              AND CONCAT(enddates, ' ', endtimes) >= NOW() ) )
  ORDER BY CONCAT(dates, ' ', times)
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Note this statement also demonstrates why the date & times shouldn't be in separate columns. –  outis Mar 25 '12 at 22:21

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