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I want to use a exe that will create a triangle strip. I have found the link with code. It has a set of .c and .h files which has to be compiled using the given make file. But when i try to run the make file in cmd promt of windows, it says make is not recognized as a internal command. I need help to create a exe for this. Here is the link for the code.

There is a download and install instruction in the link i provided. But that is of not much help to me. I am stuck. Please help me create this exe. Thank you

Here is the actual make file content

CC = gcc

CCFLAGS = -ansi -pedantic

MODULES = input.o hnet.o comp.o tstrips.o ts_msgs.o

prog: htgen

htgen: $(MODULES) $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -lm -o htgen $(MODULES)

input.o: ts_msgs.h ts_types.h input.h input.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -c input.c hnet.o: ts_msgs.h ts_types.h input.h hnet.h hnet.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -c hnet.c comp.o: ts_msgs.h ts_types.h comp.h comp.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -c comp.c ts_msgs.o: ts_msgs.h ts_msgs.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -c ts_msgs.c tstrips.o: ts_msgs.h input.h hnet.h comp.h tstrips.h tstrips.c $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -c tstrips.c

.PHONY: clean clean: -rm *~ htgen $(MODULES)

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This will probably take a few tries. Use Cygwin as @Misha suggested, and do this:

cd /cygdrive/c/Users/vinod/Downloads/htgen-src/htgen-src
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Thank you. This worked for me. – Vinodtiru Jan 16 '12 at 3:39

Are you using Windows?

There are two routes to go:

  1. Install Linux (rather easy). I would use something like Wubi to install Ubuntu. Take a look here: . You run the program and in 30 minutes you have Ubuntu on your computer. It includes an uninstaller that removes Ubuntu like a normal Windows program.
  2. Use cygwin to "install" these commands in Windows. I would do this in parralel to installing an IDE such as NetBeans. Take a look at .
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Yes I am using Windows. I tried using the Cygwin cmd promt as suggested. I run the command "$ make /cygdrive/c/Users/vinod/Downloads/htgen-src/htgen-src/Makefile" and i get message "make: Nothing to be done for `/cygdrive/c/Users/vinod/Downloads/htgen-src/htgen-src/Makefile'". There is no exe created. I have edited my question with makefile content. Please help me with this. Thank you. – Vinodtiru Jan 16 '12 at 0:27

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