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I am developping a fitness system, so when an user logs in to the system, i have to start a session and keep some information about him in somewhere.

What i am currently doing, is to instantiate an object, called User and storing this object in a session variable.

Is this a good way to keep the main user information to use it in another pages of the system?
Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the $_SESSION superglobal array can satisfy your needs. You can find more information on the following Location

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Yes, it can satisfy my needs, but is it a good way to keep this kind of information? Inside the User object, i have some data that can not be changed, like the user's level inside the system. –  Ramon Saraiva Jan 16 '12 at 0:44
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Yes, the session variables are meant for storing data that can be accessed during a session within pages in a web application as long as session_start() is in place for the pages that need to access those data.

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