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In former days project hosting sites like sourceforge.org provided detailled (download) statistics for every project. This was helpful to me as a user for finding projects that are more popular (and therefore more "secure" and futureproof). But I think this was also important for the developers of those projects.

I am new to Maven and have not found any comparable statistics, only the "Quick Stats" on Maven Central.

Does the Maven concept (and Nexus) provide detailed statistics: how much a specific artifact has been downloaded as a specific type (like jar, pom etc?). If yes, where can I find this (for example for Hibernate)?

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Too bad the Maven Central top 10 isn't very interesting since 7 out of 10 places are occupied by parts/plugins of Maven itself (or Plexus which it uses). I'd like to find stats of top Java libs, something like in this blog post except up-to-date... –  Jonik Jul 26 '13 at 22:48
For an example of a package manager that does display download statistics on a per-package basis, check out npm (Node Package Manager). –  Drew Noakes Dec 7 '14 at 17:04

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If you're with OSS Sonatype (central maven repo) there is central statistics for your projects. It usually updates a few days after each month.

You will only see these stat's for your own projects.

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