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we do have a calculator app in ios5 and we want the users to set their own values to our calculators variable buttons such as "x" or "y". For example the user set "x=5" and wants to do the calculation of" x + 5 = " the result should be 10 anyway.how do we make the program store the temporary values of variable defined by user in an NSMutableDictionary

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Check out NSExpression, it may work better than what you are proposing... –  Richard J. Ross III Jan 16 '12 at 0:39

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Create the NSMutableDictionary, convert the number to an NSNumber and put it into the NSMutableDictionary.

NSMutableDictionary *customValues = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

float value = 5;

NSNumber *number = [NSNumber numberForFloat:value];
[customValues setObject:number forKey:@"x"];

or using literals replace the above two lines with:

customValues[@"x"] = @(value);

Or are you asking a different question?

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