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I am trying to understand how to use:

@Html.Action("GetOptions", )

What I would like to do is to pass a call to my controller and pass the parameters:

pk = "00" and rk = "00"

Can someone explain how I can do that with the Html.Action

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You should look at the documentation for the Action method; it's well explained. But in your case, this should work:

@Html.Action("GetOptions", new { pk="00", rk="00" });

In the above case, it will default to the controller from which Html.Action is being invoked for the controllerName parameter. However, if you're trying to invoke an action from another controller, you'll likely have to specify the controller name like so:

@Html.Action("GetOptions", "ControllerName", new { pk="00", rk="00" });
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first, create a class to hold your parameters:

public class PkRk {
    public int pk { get; set; }
    public int rk { get; set; }

then, use the Html.Action passing the parameters:

Html.Action("GetOptions", new { options = new PkRk { pk=400, rk=500} })

and use in Controller:

public ActionResult PkRkAction(PkRk pkrk) {
    return PartialView(pkrk);
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You can use anonymous class. –  gdoron Jan 16 '12 at 2:36

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