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I'm trying to run a simple query on the graph api. I just want to pull back the id of a user based on the email address they use to login to facebook.

I am using the following query:

and am getting the following in response (no errors, no data)

   "data": [


I know the email address is valid - it is my own. This query had worked fine in the past. Any tips on where I should look to for debugging?

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I've modified my code so that I no longer use the search api. Not really an answer, but I figured I would mark this as 'solved' to revert attention to the more immediate problems of other's. – Jonathon Jan 16 '12 at 9:23
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Due to privacy concerns searching by email address has been disabled.

However, if you have a user who has granted you email permissions, you can get their email address, however you are limited as to what you can use that email address for.


It was filed as a bug ( and now is resolved.

Looks like Facebook has caved in to peer pressure and is now allowing this search to happen again.

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I think you have no permission to access user's data. see for more details

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Thanks for the reply Suj. It doesn't make sense that this would be the problem. I am just searching to see whether the user exists, I'm not trying to read any data about them. – Jonathon Jan 16 '12 at 7:49

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