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When inserting using jdbctemplate, I am doing this:

getJdbcTemplate().update("insert users (...) values(?,?,?)", user.get...);

  1. How do I get the inserted id back from msql? (it is the primary key)

For updates, is it possible to return a boolean if the update was successful?

getJdbcTemplate().update("delete users where id = ?", id);
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JdbcTemplate.update() returns number of rows affected - so you not only know that delete/update was succesfull, you also now how many rows were deleted/updated.

To get generated (from sequence) primary keys, use org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate.update(PreparedStatementCreator, KeyHolder) method which allows you to pass e.g. org.springframework.jdbc.support.GeneratedKeyHolder which will collect your keys.

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