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I have been using custom events to handle data binding with titanium appcelerator using an event called RefreshComp for a given object id (unique across all objects) and attribute passing the new value. This new value could come from a push notification , an object beeing edited in the iphone app that you want to propagate to all the comps etc...

Titanium.App.fireEvent(RefreshComp, {
    refreshid : objectId + '-' + attribute,
    value : newvalue


function registerEvent(objectId,attribute,eventHandler){
    Titanium.App.addEventListener(RefreshComp, function(e) {
        if((e.refreshid === (objectId + '-' + attribute))) {
            eventHandler(comp, e.value);

and then your eventHandler function could be as simple as

function eventHandler(comp,newvalue){
    comp.value = newvalue;

or more complicated (like changing background etc...)

My point is that this causes the comp to be bound to the global context causing the object not to be release. I have tried to attach custom event to the component itself but it does not work. As a result I am getting the application that is crashing with

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x242424cf

because the binding refer to a component still in memory on the IOS side but then when TiViewProxy.m calls for the parent function in _hasListeners , it is not able to find the parent in memory that does not have any associated object and the parent has been removed form the memory

I have googled and look at the git rep of appcelerator but there are no example of this.

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Not quite sure what you are asking here – Rene Pot Jan 16 '12 at 9:02

there a millions of way to refresh special components. i usually tend to have a clean and simple structure where every js file constists of one single ui element. this provides a clean way of managing your ui. and if your component listens to an event like globalRefreshEvent it refreshs itself.

createMyComponent = function(_args){

   var myComp = Ti.UI.createWhatEver({
      property0 = _args.prop0 || "defaultValueForProp0"
      property1 = _args.prop1 || "defaultValueForProp1"
      value = _args.value || "defaultValueForValue"

  myComp.refreshValue = function(_newValue){
       myComp.value = _newValue;


  return myComp;

create your comp like that:

var comp = createMyComponent();

hope it helps a little bit.

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