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I would like to create a new List<Object> from a simple List<Object> only for the 20 first entries.

//my first array
List<Staff> staffs = new ArrayList<Staff>();

staffs.add(new Staff(...));
staffs.add(new Staff(...));
staffs.add(new Staff(...));
staffs.add(new Staff(...));

List<Staff> second = magicMethodForClone(staffs,20);

I'd like to know if a method like magicMethodForClone exists or not.

Thank you

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List<Staff> second = new ArrayList<Staff>(staffs.subList(0, 20));
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Thank you. I didn't know the subList function. –  johann Jan 16 '12 at 5:48

List.subList(0, 20) will throw an Exception if your list contains less than 20 elements.

With Java 8:

You can use Stream.limit():

List<Staff> second =;

With Java 7 or lower:

You can use Guava's Iterables.limit() to get all available elements but no more than 20:

List<Staff> second = Lists.newArrayList(Iterables.limit(staffs, 20));
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Thank you for your comment ~ I'll try this next time ! –  johann Jan 23 '12 at 3:11

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