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I want to enumerate all the loaded segments of a module given a module handle. Are there any API functions I can call to do this? Or is the only way reading the PE header and working out which segments are loaded and which are not?

If I have to end up reading the PE header, could someone help describe the structure of the header or link me to a guide and also give steps to enumerate the segments? I know how to do this with an ELF header but not PE.

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Read these MSDN articles by Matt Pietrek and follow their links:

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The second link helped the most :). It said that IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER structures followed the IMAGE_NT_HEADERS structure and those were exactly what I needed! For anyone else reading this, the number of IMAGE_SECTION_HEADERs following the IMAGE_NT_HEADERS is specified in IMAGE_NT_HEADERS::FileHeader.NumberOfSections –  小太郎 Jan 21 '12 at 14:39
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