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I'm very new to , so need your help on the following:

One of the report input parameters is Order-By with options First name,Last name,Default.

I have a query item MainQuery which has these data items

  • EmployeeName.
  • UserID.
  • UserBadgeNo.

The expression for the Employee Name data item is-

If ?order by? = 'Last name' then Emp.Employeelastname
else if ?order by?='First name' then Emp.Employeefirstname
else 'garbage'

The requirement is that there should be a new query item FinalDisplayQuery that should use the above sorted/ordered data, but display another column value.

So, the final output should be:

If Emp.employeelastname then display emp.empnewname
else if emp.employeefirst then display emp.empnextnewname

Can you help me figure out how I can go about doing this?Thx in advance for any help!

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In the end do you want to have 4 columns or 3? I was not too clear what final result should be? For example if FirstName was chosen how should output look –  Vladimir Oselsky Jan 31 '12 at 18:39

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Create a new calculated query item (in Framework Manager or Report Studio) with that expression then drag it on to your page. Simple as that.

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