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I have input string

DISPLAY_MSG='Kumar + sajdhjhasd - Type' 
              and  ID=156090 
              and RESOURCE_KEY='Ascend.ElementMaster.kumar_type.desc' 
              and  LOCALE='en_US'

I want to match only DISPLAY_MSG='Kumar + sajdhjhasd - Type' but using this expression


matching whole string. How can I select only string between only those two single codes after

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You should use ungreedy quantifier. Try this:

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Thanks, your solution working... but I made little change to my expression to include and as well to replace from DSIPLAY_MSG to it's next and(this and can occur one or more times) DISPLAY_MSG='[\\w\\W\\s\\S]*?'[\\s]*and{0,1}. but it was not matching. What could be the case? – Pokuri Jan 16 '12 at 9:14

This regex is quite nonsensical.

[\w\W\s\S] means: Match a character if it is either alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric or whitespace or non-whitespace. The exact same result can be achieved by (?s)..

Only in JavaScript (where the (?s) option that allows the dot to match newlines isn't available, it makes sense to write [\s\S] instead. But [\w\W\s\S] is definitely overkill.

So, a better solution using lazy quantifiers would be


But even better would be to actually specify what is allowed between the quotes, and that usually is anything but a quote:

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You should try using non-greedy quantifier to reduce the match to smallest possible length.

RegEx: Smallest possible match

Following is a good example

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