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I'm developing a facebook app.

The tab removes correctly, but is there a way to remove the application itself from page?

I supposed that the necessary info might be retrieved from the page settings and tried to get it using Graph API:

but it returns error: "(#210) Subject must be a page."

I've also tried to play with but it requires some unique variables which are generated by the facebook server and not available for the third side.

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Removing of application from Pages is not currently possible using Graph API (deprecated REST API missed this option too).

You only can remove tab (what you already do) from page. Once tab removed application will be available only on page settings and all links to tab of that application will point to page wall/landing tab.

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As an admin of the page you can add/remove/reorder the apps installed on your page via the API using a page access token- see the Page documents for more details.

If you're an admin of the app, but not of the page you won't be able to 'uninstall' your app from a page the same way, but the signed_request sent to your app will identify which page the app is being loaded from and you can choose not to show any content for the 'wrong' page

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