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Let me start of by saying that as I don't know how to search for this problem, this question might also be a duplicate.

Here is the situation:

I have the following two tables:


 - LanguageID 
 - Name



 - ProductID
 - LanguageID
 - Name

The table Language contains 4 records for four languages : English, French, Italian, Spanish.

The table 'Product' contains 1 record - for a product with a Name "TEST" in English. I would like to do a select on those two tables that will return for every record in the Language table the same product record from the Product table.


LanguageID, Name ,  ProductID, ProductName

1           English 1          Test

2           Italian 1          Test

and so on.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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Do you want to match every row from the first table with every row from the second table without condition? Sounds like a cross join. – nan Jan 16 '12 at 8:53
Have you tried any JOIN queries? What problems are you having? – Raul Marengo Jan 16 '12 at 8:54
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  p.Name AS ProductName
FROM Language l
CROSS JOIN Product p
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From what I understood you want a cartesian product, right?

SELECT l.LanguageID, l.Name, p.ProductID, p.ProductName from Language l, Product p

This will give you every possible combination of Product and Language

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i also don't know if i understood his question correctly but i think he does not mean cross join, because in the result given above, there are only two records instead of four since there are four languages. – John Woo Jan 16 '12 at 9:01
Yeah, but there is this "and so on." below the results. I assumed he just didn't want to write the other 2. – Maciek Jan 16 '12 at 9:02

is this what you want?

    Product INNER JOIN Language ON
        Product.LanguageID = Language.LanguageID
WHERE Product.Name = 'TEST' 
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