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In this code there is an error sue to mismatch.

   import System.IO
   loop :: Int -> [Int] -> IO ()
   loop 0 ls = return ls
   loop n ls = do  newNumber <- readLn
            loop (n-1) (newNumber:ls)

   main = do 
   putStrLn "Please enter the number"
   number <- readLn :: IO Int
   putStrLn $ "The num is:" ++ show number
   xs <- loop number []
   print xs 

The error message is:

Couldn't match expected type `()' with actual type `[Int]'
In the first argument of `return', namely `ls'
In the expression: return ls
In an equation for `loop': loop 0 ls = return ls

how can i remove the error

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@tikhon please see this piece of code – Rog Matthews Jan 16 '12 at 8:55
What are you trying to accomplish with the loop function? Its signature says that it takes an integer (Int) a list of integers ([Int]) and return an action. – Andre Jan 16 '12 at 9:10
I want the loop to run n number of times and return the list of n numbers in the end – Rog Matthews Jan 16 '12 at 9:13
I think you made a typo copying Tikhon's answer from your other question: try changing IO () in the signature of loop to IO [Int] like the type error suggests; loop is trying to return a list of integers, after all! – yatima2975 Jan 16 '12 at 9:18

ls has type [Int], so return ls has type IO [Int]. However, your type signature says that the function should return IO (). It looks like you simply got the type signature wrong. This should work:

loop :: Int -> [Int] -> IO [Int]
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From your comment, your loop function should return IO [Int], like so:

loop :: Int -> IO [Int]

Then the first case is:

loop 0 = return []

The second one should be similar to what you wrote (without passing in ls which is your result, not an input).

BTW, the error can be explained this way:

loop :: Int -> [Int] -> IO ()     -- line 1
loop 0 ls = return ls             -- line 2

In line 1, you tell the compiler that the loop function takes two arguments, an Int and a [Int]. In line 2, you use 0 (which is an Int, thus it's fine), and ls. So, ls is of type [Int]. The signature for return is return :: a -> m a, the return type depends on the Monad m (in your case IO) and on the input type which is [Int]. Therefore, the type of return ls is IO [Int], but you told the compiler on line 1 that you it should be `IO ()'. (Exactly what the compiler told you by the error message. ;-) )

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