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I have a Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2010 and I want to select data from a table.

In Database Fields I have only the table I wish to view.

If I pass in a single-parameter primary key value into the report in a Parameter field (i.e. a serial value), how can I make the Crystal Report only show the data that corresponds to the single row which is referred to by that parameter?

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You need to set up a selection formula - try:

  • From the toolbar, press the enter image description here button (or select Report > Selection Formulas > Record... from the menus).
  • In the Choose Field dialog, double-click on the dataset field you want to select.
  • In the Select Expert dialog, click the Show Formula button and enter a condition like this: {Table.Field} = {?Parameter} . (Use the appropriate table, field and parameter names.)
  • Click OK in the Select Expert dialog.

Your report should now select by parameter value.

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