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I tried to display a web page using the android WebView but the javascript animations are very slow ... I tried to open the same page from the browser and it works correctly ... The problem is that i'm using using a JavaScript Interface to call some Java methods (With the WebView) :

        mWebView = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.spacetree);
        WebSettings webSettings = mWebView.getSettings();
        mWebView.setWebChromeClient(new MyWebChromeClient());
        mWebView.addJavascriptInterface(new JavaScriptInterface(this), "API");

And i don't know how to use this interface when i launch this page on a browser (so the animations can be displayed correctly) using this code :

        Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, 

PS: The WebPage is stored locally ('file:///android_asset')

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Have you tried to use phonegap? It's optimized for mobile webviews... else can you provide your js code? – Bourbon Jan 16 '12 at 9:34

its very easy:

 mWebView.loadUrl("javascript: example()");

this can you do after a page is loaded and wont redirect you to a diffrent URL, if your JS is correct.

hope this helps

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Thx, but as i said, i don't want to use a WebView because the it uses a very light WebClient and the JavaScript animations are very slow ... I want to launch the page on the browser and use My JavaScript Interface ... – Mehdi Jan 16 '12 at 10:23

in file HTML create function

 function androidResponse(index) {

in file java code

final IJavascriptHandler handle = new IJavascriptHandler(
    webMap.addJavascriptInterface(handle, "AndroidFunction");

define class IJavascriptHander

final class IJavascriptHandler {

    ListMapActivity ctx;

    IJavascriptHandler(ListMapActivity c) {
        ctx = c;

    public void sendToAndroid(String text) {
        final String msgeToast = text;
        // this is called from JS with passed value
        myHandler.post(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                // This gets executed on the UI thread so it can safely
                // modify Views
        Toast t = Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), text, 2000);

and callBack result with

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