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Can somebody please explain the error in the following snippet of code. in this code i have tried to implement the inorder traversal of BST while taking the input from the user

import System.IO

loop :: Int -> [Int] -> IO [Int]
loop 0 ls = return ls
loop n ls = do newNumber <- readLn
               loop (n-1) (newNumber:ls)

data Tree a = EmptyTree | Node a ( Tree a) ( Tree a) deriving ( Show,Read, Eq)

singleton :: a -> Tree a 
singleton x = Node x EmptyTree EmptyTree

treeInsert :: ( Ord a) => a -> Tree a -> Tree a
treeInsert x EmptyTree = singleton x
treeInsert x ( Node a left right)
                    | x==a = Node x left right
                    | x<a = Node a (treeInsert x left) right
                    | x>a = Node a left (treeInsert x right)

inorder :: Tree a -> [a]
inorder EmptyTree = []
inorder (Node a left right) = inorder left ++ [a] ++ inorder right

main = do
   putStrLn " Please enter the number"
   number <- readLn :: IO Int
   putStrLn $ "The num is:" ++ show number
   xs <- loop number []
   let numtree = foldr treeInsert EmptyTree xs
   print numtree
   ys <- inorder numtree
   print ys

the error i get is:

Couldn't match expected type `IO t0' with actual type `[a0]'
In the return type of a call of `inorder'
In a stmt of a 'do' expression: ys <- inorder numtree
In the expression:
  do { putStrLn " Please enter the number";
       number <- readLn :: IO Int;
         putStrLn $ "The num is:" ++ show number;
       xs <- loop number [];
       .... }
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If the compiler gives you an error, add the error message to the question. If not, explain what you expect the code to do and what it actually does. –  interjay Jan 16 '12 at 10:08
Please do not ask (nearly) the same question over and over again. What do you expect? SO is not a distributed compiler powered by humans. Could someone please close this question? –  Andre Jan 16 '12 at 10:21

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Some problems I see with the code are:

  1. You're calling a loop function that you did not define or import anywhere
  2. You did not indent the contents of main
  3. You write ys <- inorder numtree, which implies that inorder returns an IO something, but it does not. You should use let instead.
  4. Your do-block ends with a <- assignemnt - it should end with an expression.
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@user1145428: How do you expect us to answer if the code is incomplete and you won't even tell us what's wrong? –  interjay Jan 16 '12 at 10:18
ok sorry everyone.. next time i will post the whole question clearly –  Rog Matthews Jan 16 '12 at 10:23

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