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I'm experincing a very odd session error in a clients web-app that generates PDF reports from the admin system. It's only in IE browsers, becasue IE is the only browser with the functionality that produces the "bug".

The admin login sets a session to know that you'r logged in correctly and the PHP-file generating the PDF is a seperate file, opening in a new window so initaly I never used session_start() in that file - I later added it there too without any change.

The problem is very odd indeed, becasue when the PDF is generated you can save it or print it without any problems - you'll still be logged in when you close the pop-up and go back to the system. Except... for one very special use case.

As you see the PDF in the IE window, you get a floating menu at the bottom of the PDF. The adobe-icon at the far right gives you additional PDF menu bars when clicked and also adds the new option "File -> Send -> Send File" so that you can email it as an attachment via outlook.

This is where my session problems occour. Whenever a user clicks this adobe icon, gets the new file-option to email as an attachment with outlook, my session is gone the moment it's done and the pop-up closed!

I have no idea how this could be possible, if it's outlook that screws with the sessions, or if it's adobe reader, or ....

It's a long shot, but if anybody out there have had experince with this or have any suggestions on how I can keep my session active after using this functionality it would be very much appreciated!

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I'd bet on the reader not using your session, trying to access the PDF on its own - somehow. How does it behave if you try to send a PDF that's stored on your local drive? –  bububaba Jan 16 '12 at 12:00
The PDF generating PHP file shouldn't use any sessions at all - it's input comes from GET variables. It is only the parent window/main system that needs sessions and somehow adobe readers send "file as attachment"-function clears the sessions. Might also be outlook itseld (program used to send attached file) that clears the sessions as soon as it loads? –  Christoffer Bubach Jan 16 '12 at 12:19
Since this didn't get much response I had to solve it the "ugly" way. The page with print link opens the PDF in a new window, and while the user does his/her thing - prints or emails it - I constantly sends AJAX requests in the background to renew all SESSION variables. This makes the page somewhat of a security risk as it will never time out the session, but atleast it won't start the AJAX requests or show page contents if no SESSION was set it the first place, so thats always something I guess... :/ –  Christoffer Bubach Jan 19 '12 at 16:22

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