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jQuery(".location a").click(function()
            var data="type=loc&data="+jQuery(this).attr('name');
                   type: "POST",
                   url: "<?php echo home_url( '/' );?>wp-content/plugins/manageTeam/ajax.php",
                   data: data,
                   beforeSend: function(  ) {

                   success: function(msg){


here the content returned by ajax is loaded into teammemcont container.now if i want to click a class of the loaded content by ajax,then it is not working.that means click event is not working on ajax returned content.

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This is because the elements in question do not exist in the DOM at the time the event is bound. You need to bind the event with the on method (if you're using jQuery 1.7+) or delegate (if you're using an older version):

//jQuery 1.7+
$(".teammemcont").on("click", ".someClass", function() {
    //Newly added element clicked!

//Older versions...
$(".teammemcont").delegate(".someClass", "click", function() {
    //Newly added element clicked!
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i have changed my code as jQuery(".teammemcont").delegate(".location a", "click", function(){...}); but it is not working...if i put body instead of .teammemcont it workes...here location class is outside of teammemcont class. –  Chinmoy Jan 16 '12 at 10:57
You need to call delegate on an ancestor of the element you want to trigger the event. So if .location is not somewhere inside .teammemcont it won't work. As you've discovered, body should work because everything should be a descendant. –  James Allardice Jan 16 '12 at 11:04
so what is the solution for it?plz view the link tomlodziak.co.uk/gtssweb/?page_id=16 here middle div element can by changed by ajax(by clicking location,a-z or filter)the middle element will show in a pop up after clicking on it.but it is not works on ajax output –  Chinmoy Jan 16 '12 at 11:31
I thought you had already solved it, by using body as the selector? –  James Allardice Jan 16 '12 at 11:33
when i use body it works...it change the elements..but it is not work when click on the ajax output –  Chinmoy Jan 16 '12 at 11:38

The click() function only binds the event handler to elements that exist when its run, so any dynamically added content won't be affected. In order to do that, you'll need to use a method to add the event handler to dynamically generated content, namely on() (jQuery 1.7+) or delegate() (prior to jQuery 1.7). live() is deprecated, and shouldn't be used.

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You have to use event delegation for the appended elements to be taken into account. When simply using .click(), the elements you load with ajax are not in the DOM yet so nothing is binded to them.

Use .on() (or .delegate()):

$('.teammemcont').on('click', '.location a', function(e) {

Basically, you delegate the handling of the click event on '.location a' elements to a parent that exists in the DOM (you could even go up to the document element).
This way, added '.location a' elements within this container will be taken into account automatically.

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Click events only work on elements on the page at the time of binding the event listener.

If you want your click event to work on elements created (e.g. in your case via ajax) AFTER the page has loaded then you need to use one of the many delegate functions.

If you're using 1.7 or above then use on() if you're using an earlier version then use delegate().



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you should use the live method of jquery to bind events to dynamic element. in your case you should use

$("class selector").live('click',function(){
//do stuff
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live is deprecated. If you're using jQuery 1.7+ you should use on. If you're using an older version you should use delegate. –  James Allardice Jan 16 '12 at 10:40
@JamesAllardice thanks for updates. I check for this –  Dau Jan 16 '12 at 10:42

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