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I am using AsyncTask to retrieve some information from a database. Hence inside the doInBackground method, I write the following code:

dbhandler = new DbHandler(TestActivity.this);
db = dbhandler.getReadableDatabase();
Cursor cursor = db.rawQuery("SELECT sys_id as _id,statuses,user,created_at FROM status ORDER BY sys_id desc", null);
Log.d(TAG, "cursor got count: " + cursor.getCount());
return cursor;

I use this cursor in the postExecute method which is:

adapter = new TimelineAdapter(TestActivity.this, cursor);
Log.d(TAG, "Getting here ...");

Now the problem is: if I keep this as it is, I get an error in logcat, saying that the cursor has to be closed. But when I write cursor.close() in postExcecute() method, I am not able to retrieve a single record though my cursor has a finite count.

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Let the Activity handle it, by calling startManagingCursor().

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