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I have a table with dynamic database (php and mysql loop) with image and text (name of image). Within the TD I use float left to the image to make the text to the right, and also using margin-right to image. But now I want the text align to the bottom of TD. How to make the code?

<img style="float:left; margin-right:12px;" src="pic.png">
text text... .( vertical-align:bottom )
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have you tried this

<td valign="bottom">sumthere here</td>

I usually works for me.. also try to avoid unnecessary floats and margins. If you place first, your image will always be placed before text.

Hope it help :)

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That's not work. I just found method in using display: inline-block. And it's work. Thank you. –  andri.works Jan 17 '12 at 1:55

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