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I'm successfully running a Lift 2.4 app on App Engine. I only have problems with the run mode.

Lift determines the run mode, production or development, via:


The only way to set a property on App Engine is via:

    <property name="run.mode" value="production"/>

BUT now when I start the App Engine development server locally, it's also in production mode.

I tried overriding it by specifying a system property on JVM start or Lift boot, didn't work.

How can I have production mode in the Cloud and development mode locally?

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By using different configuration file for different environment (production/development).

Take a look at your build tool manual to find how exactly you can handle configuration file per environment.

For maven:


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you're right, that's indeed the only possible solution. Thanks! :-) –  stephanos Jan 17 '12 at 10:57

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