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I've moved my codebase to a new directory and need to grant the IIS account read/write privileges on a few folders to allow access by the ASP.Net runtime. I believe NETWORKSERVICE is no longer used for this purpose (as mentioned in this earlier question: ASP.Net which user account running Web Service on IIS 7?) but, try as I might I can't seem to be able to add the IISAppPool/IIS Worker Process the article links to.

I've found a MyDomain/IIS_WPG account but this isn't the one that is listed in Task Manager for the w3wp process. Can someone help?


Even odder - the Application Pool for the website in question uses the LocalSystem identity which I thought would be able to access pretty much the entire machine. Is there something incorrect about my basic machine/Windows setup?

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disable anonymous authentication (you will use windows integrated auth) then you need to grant access to this folder for all domain users which should access your application.Also grant local group IIS_IUSRS.Set you application pool to use "Classic" pipeline mode).

This setup is for IIS APP to serve domain users like in intranet.All application threads will run in security context of user which visit page.

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