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If I created a virtual memory page on a x86 system with the page protection set to only executable, would it imply that the page is also readable?

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Assuming IA-32e mode: yes, a page table entry has no bit that inhibits reading, only writing (bit 1, R/W). Pages are always readable, assuming bit 2 (U/S, User/Supervisory) allows access. Bit 63, EXB is the Execute Inhibit bit. That's it for protection flags. Chapter 3.10.3 in the Intel processor manual.

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I think the x86 doesn't have a seperate executable flag, all readable pages are executable. So I guess that means the answer is "yes" (even if the logic is backwards).

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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NX_bit says that the executable flag/bit has been provided since P4 and also in the x86_64 architecture. So you are right for Intel processors older than the P4 and AMD processors before AMD64, but wrong for most x86 processors nowadays. –  小太郎 Jan 16 '12 at 12:00

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