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I use the Google Maps API (v.3) to show a map with a couple of markers. I recently noticed that the control used to zoom the map is messed up (it wasn't always like this), I have no idea what the cause is.....

enter image description here


This post originally had a link to a page where you could view the issue, but the link is broken now, so I've removed it.

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+1 for the sad... face?? –  you786 Apr 14 '12 at 3:37
This issue doesn't happen with Bootstrap uf you use the is map_canvas as the map div id. –  Ben Sep 16 '12 at 14:39
I laughed way too long at this. –  Electric Jesus Apr 10 '14 at 20:14

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Your CSS messed it up. Remove max-width: 100%; in line 814 and zoom controls will look fine again. To avoid such bugs use more specific selectors in your CSS.

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How dare you suggest this is my fault! You have some nerve to come in here throwing accusations like this around. Who do you think you are with your puny 228 reputation? Oh wait.....you're right.....thanks! –  Dónal Jan 16 '12 at 12:00
This is also true if you're using Twitter's Bootstrap, they have a img { max-width:100%} that messes this up. It should be fixed in the 2.0.2 branch –  Ken Feb 26 '12 at 16:52
Many CSS reset files also have img {max-width:100%;} set. –  avesse Jul 10 '12 at 11:53
Awesome! I too was having problems with this, and I just recently moved to bootstrap css. Mucho ++++ –  kevin.mansel Jul 24 '12 at 14:46
to fix that at bootstrap just give your maps div class google-maps –  SamyMassoud Jan 13 '13 at 9:23
#myMap_canvas img {
    max-width: none;

fixed it for me, but I also wanted to point out the comment on the question by @Ben, "This issue doesn't happen with Bootstrap if you use the is map_canvas as the map div id". He's right. I'm not using Bootstrap, but the problem started happening after I changed the div id.

Setting it back to map_canvas fixed it without the max-width change.

<div id="map_canvas"></div>
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This solved my issue with the zoom controls. Thanks, Aligned! :) –  mOrSa Apr 3 '13 at 9:55
Perfect ! Thanks –  user1796855 Aug 15 '13 at 13:15
You may need to use !important for this to work. –  mc10 Nov 24 '13 at 3:00

If you're using Bootstrap, just give it "google-maps" class. This worked for me.

As an alternative you might reset everything for the google map div as a kind of last-resort solution:


<div class="mappins-map"><div> 


.mappins-map img { 
    max-width: none !important; 
    height: auto !important; 
    background: none !important;
    border: 0 !important;
    margin: 0 !important;
    padding: 0 !important;
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Dind't work for me... :/ –  mOrSa Apr 3 '13 at 9:54
it worked for me, especially for getting markers to show correctly again. thanks –  Kjellski Apr 6 '13 at 7:53
I can confirm it works with Bootstrap 2.3.1. Thanks! –  robertboloc Apr 26 '13 at 19:30
This should be the answer. –  Roy Oliver Aug 19 '14 at 13:04

Just share @Max-Favilli answer:

With latest version of google maps api you need this:

.gm-style img { max-width: none; }
.gm-style label { width: auto; display: inline; }

Thanks to @Max-Favilli


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After going through a bunch of examples, SO threads and GitHub issue tracking threads - this was the most precise answer. Thanks! –  DrewT Apr 23 at 16:39

If you're a Twitter Bootstrap user you should add this line to your CSS:

.gmnoprint img { max-width: none; } 
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I had this problem as well and using

.google-maps img {
    max-width: none;

didn't work. I eventually used

.google-maps img {
    max-width: none !important;

and it worked like a charm.

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!important might not be necessary if your selector is more specific. –  voodoocode Nov 7 '14 at 10:08

If you're using Yahoo's Pure CSS, give your div the "google-maps" class like Bootstrap, and put this rule in your CSS:

.google-maps img {
    max-width: none;
    max-height: none;

As far as I can tell, Pure CSS has no way of fixing this issue on its own.

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Those options you guys told me didn´t work for my website.

I use Bootstrap V3 and focussed on the functionality. The main reason was that i had given my map a different ID then the CSS file used to display the zoom bar with the yellow streetvieuw guy

I renamed map_canvas to mapholder and then it worked for me! Thanks anyways for the hints that i should look into the CSS files!

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I tried all the above solutions, and others from other forums to no avail. it was really annoying because I have another non-Wordpress site where the code worked perfectly. (I was trying to display a Google map in a Wordpress page, but the zoom and Streetview controls were distorted).

The solution I did was to create a new html file (copy paste all the code into Notepad and name it xyz.html, save as type "all files"). Then upload/ftp it up to website, and setup a new Wordpress page and use an embed function. When editing the page go to the text editor (not the visual editor) and copy/type:

http://page URL width="900" height="950">

If you change the dimensions, remember to change it in both arguments above, or you get weird results.

There we go - might not be as clever as some other answers, but it worked for me! Evidence here: http://a-bc.co.uk/latitude-longitude-finder/

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