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I need to access data using Hive programatically (data in the order of GBs per query). I was evaluating CLI driver Vs Hive JDBC driver.

When we use JDBC, there is an extra overhead of thrift server & I am trying to understand how heavy is that. Also can it be a single point bottleneck if multiple clients connect to single thrift server? Or is it a common practice that people configure multiple thrift servers on Hadoop and do some load balancing stuff?

I am looking for the better performance rather than faster prototyping. Thanks in advance.

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Shengjie's link doesn't work- This might properly automagically linkify:

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From performance point of view, yes, thrift server can potentially be the bottleneck and the SPF. I've seen people set up multiple thrift servers talking to mysql metastore. Take a look at this it helps.

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