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How can I unset an attribute from a single array element from the Mongo console. For example, how do I unset the junk attribute from time[1]

  "_id" : ObjectId("4d525ab2924f0000000022ad"), 
  "name" : "hello", 
  "time" : [
          "stamp" : "2010-07-01T12:01:03.75+02:00",
          "reason" : "new"
          "stamp" : "2010-07-02T16:03:48.187+03:00",
          "reason" : "update",
          "junk"  : "yes"
          "stamp" : "2010-07-02T16:03:48.187+04:00",
          "reason" : "update"

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This should do the trick:

db.coll.update({"time.junk": "yes"}, {$unset: {"time.$.junk": 1}});

Read on positional operator.

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Thanks a lot mate :) –  rdsoze Jan 17 '12 at 9:48

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