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I'm able to post a status on the users wall using GRAPH API - But I have problem with the image associated with the post.

In my case, the picture URL looks like this : , retrieves image based on request parameter . If I mention the URL as above I don't see the images displayed . Whereas if I mention the picture URL as a static URL (i.e. https://digitalpictures/test.gif), it works . Please help me to resolve this problem

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You could save the image from the picture URL as a file with a static URL, then delete it once it's been uploaded to Facebook.

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Do able task , but might be a costly operation ! – Sarat Kumar Magatapalli Jan 16 '12 at 15:06

Make sure the can be seen by the facebook linter tool. Use it as an og:image tag on a public url. If facebook can't lint it, you can use it as the Picture URL in your graph API call.

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Add Open Graph tags to the GRAPH API request, specifically "og:image", "" for your image.

Facebook Open Graph Protocol 1

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You mean to set the picture URL as "<meta property="og:image" content=""; /> . It does not work , it as says invalid – Sarat Kumar Magatapalli Jan 18 '12 at 10:10

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