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I'm making a Phonegap Android app using Phonegap v1.3. I wrote a plugin for phonegap which gets a particular file from the system and then executes a js function.
As all plugins extend the Phonegap class Plugin, i can't execute a js function directly from there. so from the execute function of the Plugin, i execute -->

PluginResult result = null;
Home home = new Home();
result = new PluginResult(Status.OK);

In this the Home is my main class which extends Droidgap.
In home i have the function loadPage

public void loadPage(String filePath){   
super.setIntegerProperty("loadUrlTimeoutValue", 60000);

The problem is that the setIntegerProperty function of DroidGap is throwing an NPE. Here are the logs.

01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162): java.lang.NullPointerException
01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162):    at com.phonegap.DroidGap.setIntegerProperty(
01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162):    at
01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162):    at com.phonegap.plugins.checkImage.CheckUploadImage.execute(
01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162):    at com.phonegap.api.PluginManager$
01-16 11:41:32.364: W/System.err(13162):    at

Bascically in the setIntegerProperty function -

public void setIntegerProperty(String name, int value) {
    this.getIntent().putExtra(name, value);

the this.getIntent() is returning null. can u pls tell me what am i missing. Or in my use case scenario, how do i execute that js function. If i dont use

super.setIntegerProperty("loadUrlTimeoutValue", 60000, intent);

then also the loadUrl does nothing. the JS does not get called, or it times out.

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It is because you are instantiating a new Home object. The object is created using the constructor but the onCreate method is not called so a lot of the proper object setup doesn't occur. That is why you are getting the NullPointerException.

You are returning a new PluginResult with a status of OK so the success function of the can execute the navigator.somefunc(filePath) method for you. It'll be a lot easier that way.

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yes i was following a wrong approach. success function should execute the js function. works fine now. :) – ghostCoder Jan 17 '12 at 5:30

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